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LASInTec (International Security and Surveillance Technology Studies Research Laboratory) is a research and university extension program from EPPEN-UNIFESP’s International Relations department. Our goal is not only to map out security policies and how it interacts with public safety, international security and surveillance policy. But we are also interested in anti-security tactics. We aim to promote a long-standing educational actions (classes and debates) and university extension program diagnostic oriented to understand surveillance policy and build actions (eg: look for group which have been suffering policial assault and teach them how to protect themselves from this
actions) that stop the currently threat that public safety offers to individual freedom and civil liberties.






Acácio Augusto Sebastião Júnior [lattes]

Vice Coordinator
Esther Solano Gallego [lattes]

Augusto Carvalho Gottberg Fagundes [lattes]
Bruno Mesquita Falcetti [lattes]
Gabriela Colonhese [lattes]
Helena Wilke [lattes]

Ivo Sousa Ferreira [lattes]
João Paulo Gusmão Pinheiro Duarte [lattes]
Matheus Marestoni [lattes]
Milena da Silva Cunha [lattes]
Renato Campioni De Silos Ortega [lattes]
Ricardo Mucciolo [lattes]

Thaiane Mendonça [lattes]
Tiago Marmund [lattes]